Why should your family engage with other families managing skin disease?

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“Happier thoughts lead to essentially a happier biochemistry. A happier, healthier body” – Dr, John Hagelin

Many of us are able to take our skin for granted. We may forget that it is our largest organ, our first defense against everything, and visible to everyone around us. However, if you or your child is battling skin disease, you know how life altering our skin is for not only physical, but also mental well-being. To give some perspective, in a study of chronic diseases affecting children, skin disease ranks second to cerebral palsy in regards to impairment of quality of life.

Our society is one that values external beauty and esteems conformity with aesthetic standards which unfortunately leads to social stigma, alienation, and bullying of individuals affected by skin disease. As a result, these affected children commonly internalize the consistent negative reactions from others and often suffer from a lifetime of poor body image and low self-esteem.

But what happens when we bring together kids, teens and families who experience similar challenges

That’s what we do at A Children’s House for the Soul. And we’ve seen some amazing responses from our kids and their families.

  1. Positive psychosocial development
    When you are accepted, you begin to change your inner dialogue about yourself. This lets our kids gain independence and a willingness to try new things. Our kids tell us that they realize through engagement with other kids that their identity does not have to depend on their skin disease. That is just one piece of their beautiful soul.
  2. Normalization
    Our kids find that when they are surrounded by other kids who get their struggles, they just just get to be kids! They drop the figurative masks they put on for the world don’t feel as different anymore.
  3. Positive socialization
    Kids with skin disease are often isolated to protect from others reactions or just to manage complex care. When kids get time without staring and questions, they learn a lot about their personality and their interests.
  4. Diverse coping methods
    Our team brings together Child Life Specialists, Psychologists, and Spiritual Leaders to provide family guidance from many angles. Often, our parents and kids teach each other more than we ever could; we just make the connection!
  5. Parents support network
    Parents, you need a network too! You want to protect your child from the world, but there is a lot of stress from the medical and emotional parts of skin disease. Our parents understand your fears

We’ve seen over and over again with A Children’s House for the Soul the tremendous impact of meeting someone else who understands exactly what you’ve gone through. Our families tell us it provides perspective, protection, coping, purpose, and therapy.

We have many events throughout the year. A great one to get started with is our upcoming Camp Dermadillo Family Day on April 14 from 10am – 2pm. The event is at Camp for All in Burton, Texas and is a day preview for the week long AAD Camp Discovery in the Summer. Sign up for Family Day and experience the magic of meeting those who understand!

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