Texas Children’s Vascular Anomalies Program

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A Children’s House for the Soul believes that it takes a village to support a child and family impacted by skin disease and birthmarks and that we are all better together. That’s why we love when there is a multidisciplinary team approach available at a local hospital or med center to support our kids. Check out this thoughtful point of view from our friend Darla Espinoza, RN and Vascular Anomalies Coordinator at Texas Children’s Hospital.

“As the coordinator of the Vascular Anomalies program, I have learned foremost that so many families are looking for answers. Often times they have been sent to one physician who had referred them to another and back and forth. I feel that the approach of the multidisciplinary team is so beneficial and meaningful to families. As a team member, I am often in amazement of the collaboration and sharing of knowledge that occurs. Having the right team members for the right patient is so important and the specific needs of each patient is addressed at each visit. I have learned that having someone the families can depend on to be there and to call them, return their calls and just care about what is going on with their child is so important. As the coordinator for the department, I receive all referrals and make that first contact with families. I believe that it helps to create a bond and to begin that trust relationship that will carry over as they meet the entire team. Our Texas Children’s Vascular Anomalies website has a section on becoming a new patient with our referral and instructions on getting that referral to us. The best part of my job is getting to know our families and being part of their journey in our Vascular Anomalies program.”Darla Espinoza, RN, MSN | Texas Children’s Hospital (texaschildrens.org)

To learn more about the Vascular Anomalies Team at Texas Children’s Hospital check out: Vascular Anomalies Center | Texas Children’s Hospital (texaschildrens.org)

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