7 skillfully crafted activities designed around skin health and awareness.

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Thank you to our friends at Cerave!

A Children's House for the Soul wants to extend a huge THANK YOU to our dear friends at CeraVe for partnering with us to bring the Skin Discovery Box to life. CeraVe's tireless pursuit of therapeutic skincare for all is truly more than skin deep and we couldn't be more thankful.

To learn more about CeraVe or to purchase some of the products found in the box, visit

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Get your hands on a Skin Discovery Box or two! These boxes are recommended for ages 6+, but kids of all ages will enjoy these special projects!

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Join us as we explore our creative side with this super fun and educational watercolor activity!

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Be sure to share your Watercolor masterpiece with us!

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Join us as we explore how lotion works best with a fun and educational experiment!

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Be sure to share how your experiment went!

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Let's have some fun and feel empowered with our masterpiece selfie-Frame!

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Take a selfie with your frame and share it with us!

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Hear from some of our masterpiece friends as they share their story and inspire you to write your thoughts and feelings in your masterpiece journal!

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Be sure to share what you learned from our friends with us!

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Let's use the power of our words to help a friend feel encouraged with our masterpiece stationery!

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Be sure to share who you gave a your special note to with us!

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Let's learn all about UV rays from Dr. Alanna Bree and discover how you can be a super sun spies with our uv reactive flying disc!

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Share a picture of you being a UV RAy sun spy with us!

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join us as we conduct an experiment that teaches us how to help your skin keep the bad stuff out and the good stuff in!

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share how your hand washing experiment went with us!

Use the hashtags #IWasMadeAMasterpiece #SkinDiscoveryBox #CeraVeCaresForAll and tag @AChildrenshouseforthesoul


At CeraVe, we believe that everyone deserves skin health. To achieve this goal, CeraVe collaborates with partners like A Children’s House For The Soul to make this dream come true. Thank you, A Children’s House For The Soul, for your dedication, commitment and passion to help these kids and families “love the skin they are in”.

About CeraVe

Developed with dermatologists, CeraVe’s mission is to “provide therapeutic skincare for all”1 through efficacy, safety, compliance (texture) and accessibility (affordability).

Containing three essential ceramides to help restore the skin’s natural barrier with continuous release technology for all day hydration, CeraVe offers effective, dermatologic skin care products for all skin types.

Whether you need products for your sensitive, oily, acne-prone, combination or normal skin, or whether you need a soothing moisturizer for your baby, or if you have specific skin concerns, like eczema or psoriasis - CeraVe can help.2

CeraVe has been recognized worldwide by skincare organizations, such as the National Eczema Association, Canadian Dermatology Association, ECARF (European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation), and the French Eczema Association. CeraVe is the No. 1 dermatologist recommended skincare brand in the United States,2 which is now available in over 35 countries worldwide.

1)CeraVe does not treat underlying skin conditions.   2) IQVIA, ProSource Survey, Q1 2019-May 2020.

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