Have a skin picker?

Does your child have issues resisting the urge to pick at their own skin? If so making a tape doll may help! ⠀
First, take a doll or toy and cover it in layers of invisible tape — this can be scotch or packing tape. Then, encourage your child to pick at the doll’s tape “skin” instead of at their own. You can layer the tape depending on your child’s age and capability to add or decrease difficulty. ⠀
This can help your child satisfy the tendency to mindlessly pick at themselves while still protecting your child and his or her health and skin. The doll is something you can easily have handy on the go or at home, and you can use it whenever you notice your child beginning to pick at themselves!⠀
BONUS: take out this doll at especially itchy times or when it’s time to “cream up” to keep the kiddo busy.

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