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We have developed an educational program that aims to build compassion and create inclusive spaces for students to appreciate their visible differences in and outside of the classroom. Love the Skin You Are In is an enriching experience for all students, and we would like to partner with your school to implement this program.

Program Objectives

We are embarking on a journey this upcoming school year to teach students about basic skin hygiene and common dermatologic conditions, as well as increase inclusivity and tolerance of individuals with visible differences, and ultimately, build and actively practice compassion for ourselves and others. Middle school and high school students are at the ideal age for this program because they are in their critical preteen/early teen years when they are increasingly body conscious and perceive outward differences as weaknesses instead of strengths. This program creates a platform to help change that dialogue.

  1. Students will recognize the importance of skin hygiene in preventing disease and skin cancer.
  2. Students will identify at least 3 different chronic skin conditions they will encounter in their communities.
  3. Students will actively contribute to discussion regarding tolerance and inclusivity and demonstrate acting with compassion.
  4. Students will have the opportunity to partake in community awareness campaign regarding individual differences.

Program Length: 45 minutes

Why choose the “Love the Skin You’re In” program?

It was created by a respected Pediatric Dermatologist and Certified Child Life Specialist in Houston. Developing skin hygiene and understanding the largest organ in our body is paramount to maintaining healthy skin and decreasing the risk of skin cancer, which affects one in five Americans during their lifetime. Over 20% of all children are impacted by chronic skin conditions, and quality of life for these children and their families is markedly decreased compared to those who are not affected by skin conditions. This can manifest as low body positivity and self-esteem, as well as increased social and psychological impairment. There are common misconceptions in the community about skin conditions, and we are passionate about dismantling them. Our program emphasizes active participation through role playing and community building by exploring avenues to show compassion. Although Love the Skin You Are In is a primarily dermatology-centered program, we strongly believe the message can be generalized to each of us and our unique individual differences.

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