2019 Family Day Recap


Love the Skin You're In Family Day 2019 is officially in the books! We had a great time and learned a lot and I am so grateful for the wonderful day!

It was a sunny second day of November in Houston when we gathered about 60 plus people, for our special day of coping through creativity at the Health Museum.

As families got registered for the day and put on some #iwasmadeamasterpiece temporary tattoos and had their family photos taken, we were also groovin' on the beautiful sound of our new friend Jawad on guitar.

We welcomed the day by talking about the mind body connection. While sensory feelings like itching happen all over our bodies, and emotional feelings like anxiety and worry happen "in our hearts" it is our brain that is the powerhouse were all of the information is interpreted and from there impacts our lives. So, it is important to keep in mind that there are strategies that we have at our disposal, using our amazing minds to help us when emotions like anxiety and worry or when sensory experiences like pain or itching have us "down." If we can keep in mind that while all of these messages are being sent to our brain, that we have the power to turn down the volume to make some of these messages quieter, so that they are less bothersome and have less of an impact on our day, then we can really help ourselves to cope better with some of our circumstances. At this Love the Skin You're in Family Day, we learned from some experts how we can use creativity as an outlet to turn down the volume on some of the feelings we don't want, and turn the volume up on the feelings we do want!

Jawad, from Young Audiences of Houston, started us off right with a beautiful interactive concert, during which he reminded us that no one is perfect, everyone makes mistakes, that we are all different kinds of smart, and that music can impact our mood. Then we rotated through three really fun activities. We worked with Nina Garcia, a registered Drama therapist, who taught us that emotions are transferable! We danced with Danielle a dance and movement therapist from Therapy by Angelina, who helped us to move for our mood. Then we created origami hearts with Dr. Meena Julapalli who reminded us that we have the power to help our heart be happy.

We wrapped up with a yummy lunch from HEB and announcements for the future and then a hilarious session of laughter yoga. Thank you so much to all of our creative pros who helped us to learn about lovin' the skin we are in! Check out more resources and upcoming events at: www.achildrenshouse.org.

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