Meet our friends


Kurtis is 14 years old. He loves music and video games, but he dreams of becoming a professional basketball player. Kurtis stands out on the court for two reasons; first, he is really good at basketball and second, he has vitiligo.


"I would have given anything to know there were other kids like me. I was the only one and it was lonely."


Megan is bubbly, artistic, and learning to be a photographer. Megan is 16-years-old and just finished her freshman year of high school.  The year has provided some new challenges to a girl that looks different from most of the other kids.


When asked about the challenges his skin condition presents at school he said, “I’m in advanced class, and have been for years. The kids in my class understand, but the general population asks. They aren’t trying to mean, they just don’t know.”


"Jules has a sweet disposition, is a great friend, and an excellent student." CANDLE syndrome stands for Chronic Atypical Neutrophilic Dermatosis with Lipodystrophy and Elevated temperatures, and there are only 60 known cases. This condition causes Julia to develop “bumps” all over body, but they mostly affect her face and bottoms of her feet.


“Most of her friends don’t even realize the number of doctor visits she has,” said her mom.  “Mia doesn’t talk a lot about it, but she knows she looks different.  It’s helpful for her to have others to talk to.”