You were made to stand out!

Each person has their own unique and individual beauty. However, because of messages the world sends us about what is attractive, sometimes, those with skin conditions and birthmarks in particular can be made to feel like they stand out in a negative way.

At A Children’s House for the Soul, we believe it is our differences that make each of us a beautiful masterpiece.  It is our mission to encourage and unite those affected by skin conditions and birthmarks.  It is also our goal to educate our community about the canvas that is our skin and how to best appreciate others who have visible differences.

So we partnered with our friends at Positive Exposure to create a short film about the challenges and experiences of our families. You can watch the film here. We also created the “I was made a Masterpiece Challenge” to spread the message!

Framed Logo

Here’s how you can be a part of the challenge!

Take a photo that celebrates the masterpiece you are! Whether it’s a natural photo or getting creative with face paint, glitter, temporary tattoos and hair chalk, we’re excited to see how you express yourself but don’t hide your true beauty. If you have a skin condition or birthmark, this is the time to let it shine!

Challenge your friends and family to participate too! Tag 3, 5, 10 or more people to share their Masterpiece photo. Use the hashtag #IWasMadeAMasterpiece so we can see all the great photos. Plus share with us by tagging @achildrenshouseforthesoul 

Help us spread awareness about the impact of skin conditions and birthmarks and the message that we were all MADE A MASTERPIECE! We’ve got several resources to help! You can also share our FRAME film.

When you encounter someone with a visible difference, how should you respond? Here are some #achquicktips:

  1. Be sensitive – realize that having a skin condition or birthmark can make that person self-conscious because they always stand out in a crowd
  2. Be accepting –  don’t make negative comments that can be overheard, stare or avoid a person with a skin condition because that is not how you would want to be treated
  3. Be caring – remember people with visible differences have feelings just like you, so approach them in the same way as you would any other person
  4. Be kind –  it is fine to be curious and want to learn more (we actually encourage it!), but please always approach the conversation in a thoughtful way and ask permission to ask questions first.
  5. Be a friend – realize that we are all unique and when we are willing to share what makes us special with one another it makes the world a better place

Other ways to get involved

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