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Skin disease is typically hard to hide and is often unrecognized by the community around you. Many times people stare, sometimes they make judgments: “why would that mama let her child get so sunburned?” “Why don’t they do something about that sore?” “My kid better not catch anything from her".

Like it or not, in our incredibly visual culture, our appearance impacts how the people around us interact. For children and teenagers who are doing the psychosocial work of developing identity and self-reliance, having a visible difference from their peers can be challenging. They often face uncomfortable and unwelcome questions about their appearance. While skin typical peers question their beauty, worth, and value, children and teens with skin disease are doing all of this while trying to reckon their differences with cultural beauty standards.


We provide opportunities for emotional support for families in a variety of ways. On staff, we have a Certified Child Life Specialist to help families develop strategies on coping with their skin disease using a variety of therapeutic play and educational methods to support positive emotional coping.

We have opportunities for mentorship between parents and children who are new to the current challenges of their diagnosis with families who have been there and have wisdom and support to offer. We partner with field experts such as child psychologists, special educators, and youth development specialists. This enables us to provide a wealth of educational resources for families. At each of our events, we utilize some form of play or recreation (art, dance, music, bubbles) to encourage the identification of emotions and self-expression.


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How exactly do we live out our mission of providing social support for children with chronic skin conditions? By providing opportunities for families to gather, play, learn, and develop lifelong friendships. Being surrounded by people who understand where you are and what you are going through because they have had similar life experiences is one of life’s simplest and most valuable treasures. It helps mothers of itchy kids feel seen and known. It helps little girls with vitiligo see that they are not alone. It helps boys with hair loss develop confidence and strength. There is power in our community.

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Children, teenagers, and families of all religions, beliefs, and creeds are welcomed with open arms at A Children’s House. There is medical evidence that supports the power of prayer in healing. A Children’s House for the Soul believes that prayer and spiritual support has a positive impact on the lives of the children and families we serve.

We work very hard to make sure that everyone regardless of their beliefs feels supported and loved, and has equal access to the work we do at A Children’s House. We do believe that we were lead by God to do this work, and we also believe that God enables us through His might to support ALL children and families impacted by skin disease every day.

This is an area that is very dear to our hearts and is going through varying levels of development. Future initiatives for spiritual support include:

  • Prayer groups both online and in-person
  • Referrals for chaplains and other clergy
  • Devotional and Bible studies
  • Prayer partners available at events for support
  • An online catalog of resources for those interested in spiritual support

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