One of our biggest goals right now is to fund a FRAME film with Rick Guidotti. This short film will educate current and future medical professionals, educators. and youth workers on the deep impact of skin disease in a way other resources cannot.

FRAME is a web-based educational library and resource created by Positive Exposure that changes how medical information is presented to health care professionals in training, clinicians, families and communities.

Each brief film will give future genetic counselors, nurses, physicians, OT’s, PT’s, families and communities, a more robust understanding of featured genetic, physical, intellectual and/or behavioral  conditions, while modeling an attitude of respect for the humanity of patients.  Viewers will get to see participants talk, move, and smile, a departure from the “patient-as-a-specimen” model that most educational medical literature utilizes.  FRAME presents individuals living with specific genetic conditions in a manner, which captures their humanity and beauty.

Creating a FRAME film would greatly help us in spreading the message about how to best support children with skin conditions and severe birthmarks.

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