“I Was Made a Masterpiece” FRAME Film

A Children’s House for the Soul is excited to announce the premiere of a new short film featuring many of our non-profit’s families entitled “I Was Made A Masterpiece.” Created by Rick Guidotti of Positive Exposure alongside production team Vacant Light, the short film is intended to educate current and future medical professionals, educators, students and ultimately the greater community on the deep emotional impact of skin disease.

Skin disease is more common than many people think. It affects approximately 20% of children and teens. 5% of the population is affected by significant birthmarks. Unlike other medical conditions, children with skin disease have no choice in sharing it with others. They wear their disease every day; it is the first thing that others notice about them. This leads to the children often feeling alone and misunderstood. They are more likely to struggle with social withdrawal, lack of confidence, and depression. The film interviews affected families and brings these issues to the forefront with authenticity and heart.

Positive Exposure’s mission is to use the visual arts to promote a more inclusive and compassionate world where all differences are understood and celebrated. To achieve this, they have created a film series called FRAME (Face Redefining The Art of Medical Education) to help healthcare providers and the public understand the basic characteristics of a certain condition or diagnosis presented by someone impacted by the condition. The goal is to place humanity front and center in medical education.

We’d like to give a special thanks to Dr. Cangelosi and Sagis Diagnostics who funded the film’s creation.

You were made to stand out!

Each person has their own unique and individual beauty. However, because of messages the world sends us about what is attractive, sometimes, those with skin conditions and birthmarks in particular can be made to feel like they stand out in a negative way.

To celebrate our FRAME Film and spread this positive message, we've created a fun photo challenge! Learn more and join us on social media at #IWasMadeAMasterpiece!