To empower, encourage, and unite all children and families impacted by skin conditions and birthmarks by providing social, emotional and spiritual support, while also raising awareness through community education initiatives.


Make the world a more understanding, accepting and loving place for those affected by skin conditions and birthmarks.


One study compared the health-related quality of life for children with chronic skin conditions to other chronic diseases of childhood including diabetes, epilepsy, asthma, kidney disease and cystic fibrosis. Chronic skin disease was ranked second compared to cerebral palsy in regards to impairment of quality of life.We at A Children’s House for the Soul want to help re-write this story by bringing together individuals with similar struggles around facilitated activities and discussions that will help them feel connected, validated and understood. We hope to encourage and inspire our program participants with the knowledge and confidence to face these challenges with acceptance, positive awareness and coping strategies that will lead to empowerment and advocacy.

Our Team


Dr. Alanna Bree // Founder and Chief Empowerment Officer (CEO)

Alanna F. Bree, M.D. is the Founder and Chief Empowerment Officer (CEO) of A Children’s House for the Soul, Inc, as well as serving as the President for our Board of Directors. She is also a Pediatric Dermatologist at A Children’s House for Pediatric Dermatology, and she considers caring for her patients both an immense privilege and a tremendous blessing.


Lindsay O’Sullivan
Director Of Education & Encouragement

Lindsay is a Certified Child Life Specialist with a Master’s degree in Human Development and Family Studies. Prior to her work with A Children’s House for the Soul Lindsay worked at Texas Children’s Hospital for 5 years where she provided coping support and education for children and teenagers in over 10 different medical specialties, dermatology being one!


Kimberly Oehrlein
Director of Communications & Creative Vision

Kimberly is the newest member to join the ACHFTS team as the Director of Communications and Creative Vision. She brings 15 years of creative design and project management experience paired with her enthusiastic, can-do attitude. Prior to her job at ACHFTS, Kimberly was the CEO for her design firm, 3SOURCE, where she managed many exciting projects including the branding for A Children's House For The Soul when it first opened it's doors!


What are the roots of A Children’s House for the Soul?

In 2010, Dr. Alanna Bree was a successful pediatric dermatologist when she heard four unmistakable words from God. Stunned, and with only a mustard seed of faith, she listened as God’s plans began to unfold in her life while fulfilling His mission of hope and healing.

A Children’s House is the miraculous true journey of how one doctor risked everything to follow a calling—with a passion to positively impact the lives of children and teens around the world who are affected by skin disease and birthmarks.