2021 Capital Campaign Update

ACHFTS 2021 Update

We have some exciting updates about our Capital Campaign!

In February 2020 at our 5th Birthday Party, a few months before the initial onset of the pandemic, we publicly launched our Capital Campaign “Bring a Children’s House HOME”. The goal for our efforts was to purchase a home and completely remodel it to be the first dedicated space in the country to care for the emotional and social wellbeing of children with skin conditions.

We had a very successful few months of initial fundraising, but with the onset of COVID, we needed to rework our goals and our timelines. The initial location we intended to purchase was no longer available, so we needed to reimagine how to make our new home a reality.

Through the combination of a generous short-term loan of space and the creativity of our team, we developed a three-phase approach to getting ACHFTS into our very own home, and we are thrilled to announce that we are getting ready to enter Phase 2!

Phase One: Initial Fundraising

In this phase, we needed to raise awareness about our campaign and our plan. We exceeded our expectations in the early phase and raised nearly $100,000 within a few short months. The initial funds will be used to fund Phase Two which allows us to begin serving families more quickly in a temporary space, while working towards our bigger fundraising goals of having a permanent home of our own.

Phase Two: Temporary Space

In this phase, we will use the funding from Phase One to make non-permanent changes to space being generously loaned to us by A Children’s House for Pediatric Dermatology for our kids with special skin. We will be able to bring a smaller version of our plan to life including a small library and craft space, a simple salon, young kids play space, dining area for mentorship meals, a teen hangout area and office space for our team.

We will also ramp up our donation efforts. We need to raise an additional $850,000 to complete our full vision for our very own ACHFTS forever HOME!

Phase Three: Create our dream home

We will purchase the space we have been generously gifted during Phase Two and be able to complete our full remodel! After purchase, the remodel will include dedicated space for our families to play, grow, learn, and thrive. The design will include:

  • Music Room and recording studio
  • Art studio stocked for painting, crafts, pottery, woodworking, and more!
  • Complete library and quiet space with books, a skin discovery museum, comfy seating, and space for meditation
  • Fully stocked kitchen
  • Large gathering and dining room
  • Teen hangout space
  • Kids play area
  • Hair and makeup salon

We are so excited to enter Phase Two of this campaign and know that with the support of our community, we will soon be able to Bring a Children’s House HOME! Donations to our capital campaign can be made directly here.

To see all the details, renderings of our future space, and more about our 3 phases, please visit our updated Capital Campaign Page!

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