What is the #2020SucksALemonChallenge?

A Children's House for the Soul believes we can all agree this year has been a bit sour. Let's just say 2020 Sucks A LEMON! But we at A Children's House are going to take those lemons and make lemonade by having some fun with our #2020SucksALemonChallenge!

So how can you join our 2020 SUCKS A LEMON Challenge? It is super easy with 3 simple steps:

1.) Take a video or photo of you sucking on a lemon and be sure to capture those SOUR FACES!

2.) Post your video or photo on social media using the hashtag #2020SucksALemonChallenge and tag A Children’s House for the Soul.

3.) Nominate a few of your friends by tagging them so they can join the challenge too!

BONUS! Donate $5 to A Children's House for the Soul and support kids impacted by skin conditions and birthmarks to help them love the skin they are in!

Help support our challenge by purchasing a 2020 sucks a lemon shirt!

Buy a shirt, make 2020 better and help kids love the skin they're in! All funds raised will go directly to A Children's House for the Soul, Inc.