Empowering CHILDREN with skin conditions

to face the world with confidence

We exist to help children, teens, and their families navigate the major impact of skin disease.



Emotional Support

Through our online resources and support, we help your family navigate the feelings and thought that often come with skin disease.


Social Support

As a member of the Coalition of Skin Disease, we have strong partnerships that make us a mighty community because we are better together.


Spiritual Support

All religions, beliefs, and creeds are welcomed here with open arms.  We believe that prayer is powerful and positively impacts our lives.

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While we may be closing the orange doors on our little house, we remain dedicated to serving our community for those with skin conditions.

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We share resources from parents, kids, doctors, dermatologists, psychologists, childlife specialists, teachers and more. Our goal is to offer informative resources that help your family manage the emotional, social, and spiritual components of skin-disease.

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