“I would have given anything to know there were other kids like me.”

“We left the event feeling uplifted, encouraged and hopeful.”

“Every time I come to a conference, I just want to cry because so many people care.”

“Everyone saw each other for who they are, not just what their outward appearance may show.”

“Even if we don’t need to shield him from this, no child is immune to being hurt.”

“It helps her to realize she’s not the only person out there dealing with hard things.”

Skin disease is more than skin deep

We’re here to help children, teens, and their families navigate its major impact.


Spiritual Encouragement


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Living with Skin Disease

Skin disease is more common than many people think. It affects approximately 20% of children and teens. 5% of the population is affected by significant birthmarks.

Unlike other medical conditions, children with skin disease have no choice in sharing it with others. They wear their disease every day; it is the first thing that others notice about them.

This leads to the children often feeling alone and misunderstood. They are more likely to struggle with social withdrawal, lack of confidence, and depression.

Parents of children with skin disease and birthmarks also face unique challenges. Often feeling helpless and confused.

Hear from some of our parents about how ACHFTS has impacted their families


Loving the Skin You’re In

That’s why A Children’s House for the Soul exists. We want to provide a network for families trying to manage skin disease and birthmarks. Empowering our beautiful children to face the world with confidence is our ultimate goal.

Through our events, socials, and group gatherings we have the opportunity to bring together children and their families who face similar challenges. Connecting with others allows our friends to feel validated and understood. They realize they are not defined or limited by their skin disease.

We also provide resources and coping techniques for parents and communities.

We can make a difference with your support!


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Are you or your family looking for emotional, spiritual or social support managing skin disease?