Meet Our Friends


"People flock to him, he has that unique quality. If you know him, you want to be with him. Even grownups take to him," says his mom, Brandie. "I see leadership."   She describes Kurtis as animated, personable, and fun. Even when playing on-line video games, 12-year-old Kurtis breaks into song, dances, and even talks with a fake British accent. He loves basketball and plays on two different teams. His coaches say even after playing for less than two years, he is really going to be someone on the court. Kurtis stands out on the court for two reasons; first, he is really good at basketball and second, he has vitiligo.  (more…)


"I would have given anything to know there were other kids like me. I was the only one and it was lonely, " Alejandra said.  Then in 2009 when she was serving as a camp counselor at Camp Dermadillo, her wish came true.  "The entire week I was overwhelmed, just knowing someone with my condition was there. The last day, Dr Bree pulled me over and introduced me.  We only talked for a few seconds, but it rocked my world! I was so happy to meet someone like me," said Alejandra.  At 28 years old, she still remembers that day as an amazing experience. (more…)


“Megan is an awesome girl, she's outgoing, smart, and above her years in age,” is how her mom, Paige, describes her.  She’s bubbly, artistic, and learning to be a photographer.  She loves to paint fingernails and she’s quite good at it, even better than some manicurists.  Megan is 16-years-old and just finished her freshman year of high school.  The year has provided some new challenges to a girl that looks different from most of the other kids. (more…)


Mia’s mom, Julie, describes her as a silly, smiling, happy-go-lucky girl.  She plays the ukulele and volleyball and she loves to sew, recently making pillowcases.  She’s nurturing and giving. She’s had the same two close friends since third grade and volunteered this summer at Vacation Bible School.  She is a well-rounded, beautiful typical 13- year-old girl, with one unique challenge.  (more…)


"Jules has a sweet disposition, is a great friend, and an excellent student.  She will stick up for what she believes in and does not feel as if she needs to follow the crowd," said Julia's mom, Jeni.  Julia likes being with her friends, watching Netflix and playing Xbox.  She is also a golfer and enjoys walking her dog.  Julie is 12-years-old and has CANDLE syndrome. (more…)


Luke's family calls him "Sunny Jim." He’s smart, positive, and cheerful.  He loves band at school and plays percussion instruments. He also loves playing video games and his favorite is Destiny. Luke is 12-years-old and starting 7th grade at school.  He has a twin sister, with perfectly clear skin. Luke has eczema on his face, which stays flared up. (more…)
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