Our History

Dr. Alanna F. Bree, our Executive Director, has a passion for helping others, especially children and teens, as well as their families, affected by skin diseases and birthmarks.  As a pediatric dermatologist, she has seen firsthand the social, emotional and spiritual toll that can result from the physical changes seen on the skin.  While there are often creams or pills that can be prescribed or surgeries that can be done to help the physical appearance, there had not been any consistent, local support programs to address the often more important social, emotional and spiritual issues related to having a skin disorder.  Through her involvement with Camp Dermadillo, which is a one-week camp experience for children and teens with life-altering skin conditions held at Camp For All and supported by the American Academy of Dermatology and Texas Children’s Hospital, Dr. Bree saw what a difference it made for affected children and teens to connect with others who truly understood their unique challenges.  This is where the seed for our organization was planted and it has been watered over the years with various experiences that have highlighted the need for such a program in our community.  Therefore, in 2014, Dr. Bree founded A Children’s House for the Soul, Inc., and we obtained our 501 (c)(3) status in February 2015.  It has been a labor of love, and we are thankful we are able to fill a vital role in the lives of those affected by skin conditions and birthmarks in the Houston community.

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